We apply world-class technology with the best minds to deliver great products.


With safety at our core, we perform regular drills and trainings to protect against potential hazards and accidents.


We build positive, long-term relationships that manifest trust, respect and lasting bonds.

Industries We Serve

Oil and Petroleum

Tidaltech is engaged as project consultants for the development and implementation of proprietary environmentally friendly pyrolysis, heavy oil processing and extraction technologies.

Metals & Minerals

Mining and processing of metals. Iron Ore, Lithium, Uranium and reinvestment of these products in Renewable energy projects in hydro, solar, biofuel, wind etc.


We are driving low-carbon, inclusive mobility. We are pleased to help our customers to take major strides in delivery of technology driven and ground-breaking cargo rails, high-speed lines and light rail schemes.


Supply of cables, towers, conductors, gas compressors, generators and other electrical equipment for power transmission, distribution, and generation projects.

How we can help you


We offer professional consultancy services and specialize in providing personnel for our clients’ requirements for both onshore and offshore vacancies.

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Business Consulting and Project Management

We are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of all organization.

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Heavy Duty Equipment – Sales and Purchase

We provide clients with global procurement resources and industrial supplies to enhance profit, success of projects and clients’ satisfaction.

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We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.

Why Choose us

Retail Trade

Agents for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Marine, Renewables and Survey.

Terminal Operations

We are supporting efficient maintenance and operation of ports and terminal infrastructure.

Occupation Health

Occupational Medicine, Operational medical support, Emergency Response, Diving and Hyperbaric Medical services.

Training Services

Health and Safety training, Advanced First-Aid training and DMT (Diving Medical Technician) training.

Strategy Development

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. How do you move forward at speed despite enormous uncertainty? Our approach to strategic thinking is an iterative process of developing a strategy that defines your value proposition and your unique value chain. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of our Client’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it.

We work with experienced leaders who define the future. With combined efforts, we achieve extraordinary action plans and outcomes.

We define which uncertainties our Clients face; create a set of probable scenarios and identifying a clear set of signposts that would sustainably keep our Client’s ahead. These signposts, or indicators, are monitored on a regular basis to understand how things are unfolding.

More than 10 Years
of Experience

15 large scale
projects completed
120 workers
5 awards
27+ satisfied


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Hyperbaric Medicine & the Diving Sector

At Tidaltech, our mission is to connect the world!